Detection of foreign products in whole pieces of cheese

La detección de cuerpos extraños con equipos de rayos X en quesos enteros

Detection of foreign products in whole pieces of cheese

The detection of foreign bodies with X-ray equipment in whole cheeses ready for sale is very common. Efficiency in detection with end-of-line inspection equipment usually achieves very good results.


Main description of the problem


In the dairy food industry it is possible that some foreign body ends up inside the final product. This may be because some material from the processing machines detaches or breaks, such as blades, sieves, screws, etc.

These breaks or detachments are not recurrent, but when they occur they can cause great damage to the end consumer, having serious consequences on the brand image of the company that has sold that food.



An example of foreign material that can end up in the final product


With X-ray technology, it is possible to prevent this type of dense foreign body from ending up on the client since there is a substantial difference between the density of the food analyzed and that of the foreign body to be detected. So with an X-ray machine working within the line these problems could be avoided.


How does it work?


X-rays are electromagnetic radiation that penetrates as deep into bodies as their density allows, so if there is a difference in density between the product being analyzed and the foreign body to be identified, it will be relatively easy to detect it. The image obtained of the contaminant will be much darker compared to the inspected product:







The use of X-ray inspection equipment at the end of a dairy processing line allows:

  • Detect dense foreign bodies inside food
  • It is also possible to detect defects in the product itself and apply X-rays as a measure to ensure the quality of the products. For example, breaks or cracks can be detected in whole cheeses



Cracked cheese                              X-ray image of cracked cheese



X-ray image of a cheese in good condition


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(*) The results obtained may be affected depending on the conditions of the product or other relevant factors.

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