We remain at your side throughout the installation process and during the whole product life cycle.

Technical Service

Multiscan has a professional team of technicians who support our customers during the installation process and throughout the life cycle of our solutions, guaranteeing a smooth start-up and the safety of a rapid response to any unforeseen event:

  • Coverage with a specialized and qualified technical service team.
  • High global response capacity thanks to our extensive network of technicians.
  • Personal assistance and advice throughout the installation process.
  • Validation of the effectiveness and efficiency of our solutions during commissioning.
  • Quick repairs at customer’s premises with original parts.
  • Performance checks and system adjustments if necessary.

Technical consultation

Qualified advice for the selection and integration of our solutions to financial and operational requirements of each client.

Multiscan includes an advisory service throughout the acquisition process with the aim of guiding our customers in choosing the solution that best suits their needs:

  • Advice service to help our customers choose the best solution: Study of each particular case, analysis of the variables, evaluation and validation of the proposed options.
  • Search for solutions in terms of profitability and performance.
  • Advice on mechanical design and in obtaining useful data for decision-making.
  • Customization options: Adaptation of our standard solutions for each specific case.
  • Team of qualified engineers per product range.
  • Available showroom in our facilities to carry out all the necessary tests during the consultation period.
  • Realization of technical reports of viability and effectiveness of the projects.

Qualified consultation for the selection and integration of our solutions to the financial and operational requirements of each client.

Service Plans

Multiscan offers the possibility to bring up the capabilities of your team through training programs covering from basic to advanced levels, with the aim to provide our clients all the necessary tools to get the most out of our solutions:

  • Training in day-to-day operations.
  • Equipment repair training.
  • Parts replacement training.
  • Basic and advanced systems training.
  • Basic and advanced software training.
  • Customer specific training.
  • Training at customer sites or at our facilities depending on customer interest.
  • Training in the start-up of equipment at customer premises.