How to detect foreign bodies in sliced bread with a metal closure

How to detect foreign bodies in sliced bread with a metal closure

Detecting foreign bodies in sliced bread with a metal closure is tricky because metal detectors are not too effective.

The main applications of X-ray equipment for the bakery industry can help ensure the quality or conformity of the products that later end up in our homes. In this publication we will explain how to ensure the conformity of sliced bread in containers with a metal closure.


Main description of the problems of our clients

Many companies, within the bakery industry, use sliced bread containers that consist of a plastic bag with a metal closure. This closure complicates the inspection of the product since, being metallic, it cannot be analyzed with a metal detector.


His analysis with an X-ray equipment also has some peculiarity; We must delimit the area where the closure is located and differentiate it from the area where the bread is located. Otherwise, the machine would learn to recognize the density of the closure as a good product, running the risk of not detecting foreign bodies of the same density. The analysis by zones allows identifying the closure as a product that is part of the container and detecting elements of lower density and size as foreign bodies without problem.


On the other hand, it is possible to carry out an analysis of the position of the closure, since it must be sufficiently closed to the bread to remain compact when it arrives at our homes and that it is not disassembled during its commercialization.


Example of how X-ray equipment works on sliced bread with metal closure:



Product in perfect condition



Closure in wrong position


Closure with correct position and discarded due to the presence of foreign bodies


Why do we recommend solving that problem with X-ray inspection technology?

With X-ray equipment it will not be a problem to detect dense foreign bodies even though the metal closure is inside the product itself. On the other hand, as we have mentioned, filters can be applied to ensure the conformity of the container and that the closure is in the correct position, with which it will be possible to discard those products with foreign bodies, and those in which the closure is incorrectly positioned. Furthermore, with other types of technology it is very difficult to detect small foreign bodies.


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*) The detection information provided in this article are subject to optimal analysis conditions. Each case is particular and these data may vary.

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